CENTA Products

What moves the world?
Vision, facts, numbers or ideas?

Our world revolves around high-quality, vulcanized rubber. Resistant to high dynamic loads. In combination with hardened steel, machined down to the smallest detail. Precision cast aluminum parts. Plastic that passes all tests. Materials that guarantee appropriate coordination of all components.

However, more is needed for high-speed trains to cover long distances. Inventiveness, to enable offshore wind turbines to generate energy. Ideas and experience are needed to realize heavy cargo transport across the ocean. To power cranes, oil platforms, vehicles and machines even under the most difficult conditions. As well as engineering skills, creativity, perseverance and the will to always look for the best solution for every challenge.
This is what has been driving CENTA for over forty years in its development and production of clutches and drive systems. Dozens of patents and more than ten million applications around the world speak for themselves.

Vision, facts, numbers and ideas move us.
So that the world keeps moving.

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