We are proud to say that the CENTAX-SEC represented the top range of our program.


These Hoogelastic couplings find their application in almost all possible diesel -driven units, from Scheepsvoortrowing installations to powerplants and from trains to agricultural vehicles.

The basic element is formed by a closed rubber ring with a vulcanized steel mounting lens on both sides. This concept has proven itself and hard to break. (Our German colleagues call this link “Unkaputbar!”)

The CENTAX-SEC coupling is available in all possible variants made appropriate to the application. The torsional rigidity can be mounted in series by means of several elements, possibly using parallel mounting. This in combination with the various rubber humhardies in which the elements can be obtained can be achieved an almost unlimited variety of torsion -technical properties. In addition, the elements can be linked with different connections, including single or double -fold membrane systems or the super elastic lenger system.

The CENTAX-L is the absolute topper within the CENTAX-SEC Range. The Lenker system creates a link that allows radial, axial and corner resistance in all directions, large journeys with particularly low reaction forces. This makes the CX-L particularly suitable for linking elastically arranged engines.


Elastic couplings from the successful Centax range have been used since 1988 for ship drives, vehicle technology, power plants, generator sets and general mechanical engineering.


With the successful parts, a wide variety of various clutch types has been designed, which, depending on the application, has one or more of the properties below:

  • high -elastic
  • Compensation of high axial, radial and corner exit differences
  • Due to modular structure, many built -in variations possible
  • Many application options
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