The CENTASTART is a centrifugal clutch based on the CENTAFLEX-A. The CENTASTART enables torsional damping and switches on and off automatically. Engagement is smooth and the torque to be transmitted increases with increasing speed. The clutch disengages automatically when the engine speed drops to idle. The CENTASTART is available for systems suitable for torques up to approx. 5000 Nm.


The CENTASTART is applied in shipping plants, such as:

  • Thusters
  • waterjet drives
  • pump sets
  • generator sets
  • Hydraustatic drives with planetary cabinet
    Various hydraulic pumps
  • engines that are directly linked to the Waterjet
  • engine that drives the Vans in Hovercrafts

The CENTASTART also finds many applications in all possible agricultural and horticultural machines such as milling and chopping people.


  • The Centastart is based on the CF-A flexible elements and allows torsion trills.
  • Proven, robust design.
  • The clutch automatically switches on and off.
  • The switch -on rays can be determined exactly by choosing the steel springs, and can be laid at any desired speed.
  • Builds briefly, is compact and maintenance -free.
  • The applied friction material is so dimensioned that wear is kept to a minimum. This linked to an extreme temperature resistance characterizes a long service life.
  • Widely applicable.
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