Robust clutch with high rotating elasticity. For a resonance -free operation, twist -active drives.

Transfer of the torque via a interlinked outer part to a rubber decoration. Extremely reliable construction for the transfer of high torques with compact dimensioning. Characterized by a high rotating elasticity with a linear characteristic. Dampens rotating vibrations and bumps and compensates for axial, radial and angular relocations. Effectively ventilated, with high reliable power loss. In silicone version, also insensitive to oil and for higher temperatures.

Axial plug -in for minimal assembly effort. With flywheel connections to Sae. Also available for non -standardized flywheels and with a thoroughfare.


  • Pumpenverteilergetriebe
  • Schraubenverdichter
  • Bootsantriebe
  • Wärmepumpen
  • Generatoren
  • Lokomotiven
  • Kreiselpumpen
  • Schiffsantriebe


  • plug -in
  • free of play
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