Robust clutch with high rotating elasticity especially for freely set up systems. For a play -free transmission of medium torque.

Play -free torque transmission via a steel flange on a rubber decoration standing under pressure preload. Excessive operating and low -wear construction for the transfer of medium torque. Characterized by a high rotating elasticity with a linear characteristic. Dampens rotating vibrations and bumps and compensates for axial and angular relocations. Effectively ventilated, with a high permissible power loss. Convinced with an economic design.

A radial replacement of the rubber kiln is possible without moving on or off. With flywheel connections to Sae. Also available for non-standardized flywheel and as a wave wave coupling.


The CENTAMAX is suitable for applications for almost all possible diesel -driven components. However, mainly for applications where the torsion behavior requires a relatively soft link. A number of examples are; pump distribution cabinets, planetary distribution cabinets, compressors, generators, pump sets, and rail vehicles.


  • Soft, technical ferry characteristic
  • linear characteristic
  • Torsional rigidity can be determined by a choice from the various rubber
  • hardnesses
  • temperature -resistant
  • dampen shocks, can compensate for axial, radial and corner differences
    good heat outlet, by specially designed air flow around the coupling
  • Excellent for high speeds
    hub is suitable for large asdia meters
    no wearing parts, long service life, reliable and maintenance -free
  • Compact, slim design
  • Connection in accordance with SAE flywheel connection flanges
  • Easy installation, suitable for assembly in SAE flywheel house constructions
  • The rubber coupling element can move freely axial in the flywheel exterior ring, which the crankshaft is relatively late from axial reaction forces
  • Available under the inspection of various collection agencies
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