Turning rigid homokinetic drive shaft with outstanding kinematics. For reliable offset compensation and a quiet run.

Equipped with the handlebars, which are equipped on train and screwed with elastic rubber sockets. Extremely powerful and rotary construction with a linear characteristic. Convinces with a unique set capacity for axial, radial and angular relocations in the market. Also offers a maximum of electrical isolation and a reliable interruption of body noise. To protect the system from electrosion and for significantly reduced sound emissions.

Reduce the assembly effort to a minimum and convince with very low life cycle costs. Available within the wide standard series in any intermediate and special sizes. Also available as carbon or fiber optic construction.


Main shipping drive and side drives

Between the engine and gearbox

  • Between gear and jet drive
  • propeller
  • generator
  • hydraulic pump
  • water pump

Drive of rail vehicles

  • Between the engine and gearbox
  • Between gear and axis

Wind power plants

  • Cooling towers
  • Fan drives
  • Mill
  • calender
  • Roller

General machine and plant engineering


  • Compensation for high axial, radial and corner exit differences.
  • Linear characteristic and low reaction forces.
  • The axis rotates with a constant speed, as well as the Lenkersystem. This is even possible if the floating and driven flanges are under different corners. The Centalink is also called the “Silent Drive Shaft”, because sound insulation takes place in four places.
  • The ashes are technically stiff and play -free.
  • The Centalink is maintenance -free, and virtually insensitive to wear with a built -in turnover.
  • Centalink-intermediate axes are radially extensible.
  • Available in lengths up to 12 meters.
  • The Centalink is also available under the review of various collection agencies.
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