The quiet functioning of the Centajoint is due to the rubber buses included here as hinge points. This excellent the transmission of vibrations and contact noise from the engine. The ash is clear, bogie and at the location of the hinge point radial immobile. This makes the Centajoint a rotary -protected and maintenance -free link with which a long lifespan can be realized carefree.

The Centajoint construction is made up of three flanges. The two outer flanges are seen as a connection flange to the components to be connected. The middle flange is axially connected to the other two flanges through this flange -mounted prestressed spheric rubber buses. The total gives you the possibility to absorb a corner defect. With this new construction, the Centajoint offers you a very simple torsion rig also elastic and price -favorably drive system. The centajoint axle is created by combination of two centajoint systems mounted on an intermediate axis made of steel or carbon. The axis is able to bridge large distances where radial abnormalities, created by tolerances in the alignment or movement of one of both components from the powertrain, can be perfectly collected.


The Centajoint is suitable for ship applications for both the main and secondary drive, such as between motor and gearbox or between gearbox and water jet or propeller shaft construction.

In addition, the axis is also suitable for various other drives in, for example, trains, windmills, cooling towers, fan drives, mills and many other machines and tools.

The application possibilities are virtually limitless, for example:

  • Ship’s drive
  • Rail vehicles
  • Wind turbines
  • Cooling towers
  • Fan drives
  • Mills
  • Calendar
  • Roll
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