The Centaflex-R is a robust coupling, based on the so-called “roles principle”. The CF-R has a progressive ferry characteristic and is therefore ideal for ship-for-stowing installations between engine and reduction coupling. Due to low spring stiffness with a layer of torque, the torsion is shifting resonance speed under the stationary engine speed and thus prevents the well -known “toothhamers.”


The Centaflex-R couplings are often used for all possible components powered by combustion engines. In particular suitable for ship -for -stowing installations where the coupling is mounted between engine and reduction coupling. The CF-R is also often used for diesel-driven compressors, centrifugal pumps, fire blushing pumps, etc.


  • High elasticity, play -free, progressive spring characteristic. Due to variation in the dimensions and choice of materials of the rubber rolls, an infinite variety of spring stiffs can be realized. This means that the ideal link is available for every situation.
  • Torsional, shock -absorbing, sound -damping.
  • Compensates for all possible alignment differences, within the limitations of the flywheel house.
  • In the design, much attention was paid to the air flow that ensures the cooling of the rubber parts. As a result, there is a high temperature resistance.
  • The coupling is durable, reliable and maintenance -free.
  • Simple installation due to axial stabbility and variable axial positioning.
  • Compact design, suitable for standard and non-standard flywheel connections.
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