elastic coupling for the somewhat smaller ship drives

Like the -AM and -AGM elastic couplings, the CENTAFLEX-M has been specially developed for mounting in marine propulsion systems between the reduction gearbox and the propeller shaft.

The CENTAFLEX type M coupling is a highly elastic coupling, especially for yachts where many demands are made on the vibration-damping capacity of the coupling. By design, this clutch can transmit thrust. The type M-127 has a standard 4″ flange connection. The type M-160 has both a 4″ and a 5″ connection. For the exact connection dimensions, please contact one of our specialists.


the CENTAFLEX-M is suitable in all marine propulsion installations between gearbox and propeller shaft, and between engine and waterjet.


  • High elasticity, backlash free, vibrations caused by the motor are damped. This effect is especially strong at low rotational speeds.
    Impact sound is isolated to about 5 dBA.
  • The clutch compensates for all possible misalignments, especially gimbal, which limits wear on the bearings of both the propeller shaft and the reduction gearbox.
  • The axial pressure of the propeller shaft is transmitted to the thrust bearing in the gearbox in both forward and reverse directions.
  • The connection of the coupling to the propeller shaft is realized by means of a cylindrical clamping bush, which makes it unnecessary to adjust the propeller shaft on site.
  • All components are already fully machined and ready for mounting, making the CENTAFLEX-M easy to install.
  • Special connection parts are available.
  • The coupling is electrically insulating.

Torque:commercial 0.175 - 0.35 kNm / pleasure 0.25 - 0.5 kNm
Elastic Material:NR
Temperature range:-45° - +80°C
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