THE CENTAFLEX-H is a robust, pluggable, relatively stiff coupling, which is always selected subcritically. The CF-H is also resistant to oil and high temperatures, specially designed to drive diesel-driven hydraulic pumps that are coupled to the engine via the flywheel housing.

Form 4 has an integrated flywheel adapter flange, according to SAE 10, 11½ and 14 inch. Many variants, the so-called pump adapter plates, designed for mounting hydraulic pumps on engine flywheel housings are also available. The hubs are available with all possible spline types and the well-known centaloc system.


  • hydraulic pumps on diesel engines
  • hydrostatic construction drives


  • High performance with compact dimensions.
  • High torsional rigidity, which means that no minor alignment differences are allowed.
  • Dampens vibrations.
  • High permissible rotational speeds.
  • Extremely high temperature resistance.
  • Oil resistant.
  • Simple, plug-in mounting.
  • Free from axial forces.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Optimal price/performance ratio.
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