simple, robust, pluggable claw coupling

As a derivative of the CENTAFLEX-D, this coupling is suitable for shaft-shaft connections. Different hub lengths are also available as standard. The CENTAFLEX-E is a clutch that falls under the medium stiffness category. In other words, the twist angle under torque is about three to five degrees. Normally, this coupling is used for drives with a so-called supercritical range. The operating speeds are then above the main resonance speed. The inertia of the secondary part must therefore not be too low. Such conditions are often found in generator sets and pump sets, for example. The coupling is not suitable for flange mounting. Flexible installation under an unflanged unit for just the floating or driven part, or a combination of both, is not allowed. Form three allows radial replacement of the rubber parts without dismantling the coupled axles.


The CENTAFLEX-E is particularly suitable for shaft-shaft connections where the power is often supplied with an electric motor. The CENTAFLEX-E finds many applications in heavily loaded drives, such as dredging installations, roller drives, etc., in the double-acting cardan intermediate shaft construction.


  • Simple, robust, safe to use, compact, maintenance-free, anti-spin.
  • Generously sized, low voltage rating. The rubber is only pressurized and cooled by the internal airflow. Optimum stiffness can be achieved by using rubber elements with different hardnesses, in combination with the progressive spring characteristic.
  • Vibration and shock insulating.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Four standard types form the basis for many designs.
  • Available under the approval of various purchasing authorities.
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