2-phase coupling

The CENTAFLEX DUAL STAGE is one of a kind. The coupling has been specially developed for mounting between diesel engines and flanged reduction gearboxes. The CENTAFLEX-DS has a first phase that is very soft from a torsion point of view. This is to prevent the well-known ‘tooth hammering’ at low engine speeds. With large transferable powers, the harder, robust and anti-rotation second stage comes into operation. For mounting in areas with high ambient temperatures, different compositions for the rubber parts are available, such as silicone for example.


Ship Main Drives:

  • between the diesel engine and the flanged gearbox
  • between the diesel engine and the free-standing gearbox

Ship auxiliary drives with a high percentage of idling:

  • with clutches
  • fire pumps
  • etc.


  • Simple, compact, reliable and economical design.
  • Extremely low torsional stiffness at low revs (idling), enabling low engine speed without tooth hammering.
  • The second stage is based on the ‘claw clutch’ type and transmits the higher powers.
  • The rubber parts are only loaded in compression; there are no rubber-metal connections and/or shear loads. In other words, the rubber parts are optimally loaded. This, in combination with the excellent internal ventilation, guarantees a long life.
  • Spin-proof.
  • A wide range suitable for mounting on SAE flywheels and almost all possible reduction gearboxes is available from stock.
  • Suitable for so-called blind mounting in flywheel housings.
  • Suitable for cylindrical and conical input shaft as well as input shaft with pline connection.

Torque: 0.15 - 1.75 kNm
Elastic Material: NBR /NR
Temperature range: -25° - +80°C
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