Highly elastic homokinetic drive shaft for connecting the gearbox and propeller shaft. For applications with moderate angle deviations.

Backlash-free torque transmission via a double-cardanic drive shaft with two highly elastic rubber elements. Dissipation of the propeller thrust via a self-aligning thrust bearing on the hull. Specially designed to reduce noise and vibration. Dampens torsional vibrations and shocks, interrupts structure-borne noise and tolerates (homokinetic) angular deviations of up to 3 degrees per element. Also offers a high level of electrical insulation.

Mounts via a clamping hub with minimal effort. Delivered with integrated anti-rotation device and in largely ready-to-install condition.


  • Between engine and transmission
  • Between gearbox and propeller shaft
  • Between water jet
  • Between Z-drive
  • Etc.


Deze high elastic coupling, combined with Stuwdruklager, biedt u het voordeel dat large radiale verillen moeiteloos opgevangen been able. Afstanden must be kept in Schroefas eenvoudig overbrugd, zonder daarbij concessions te doen in het trillingdempend fortune van de kupplungen. Hierdoor kunt u de Plaats van de motor zo cheap mogelijk bepalen m.b.t. the weight change in the second point of the wall.

The toegepaste tussenas is torsion trilling technically zeer zacht, en dempt daardoor de aanwezige motor trillingen en het optredende geluid hiervan optimal. Door used for the individual pressure bearing that is used for the motor as well as for the coupling of the axial forces before the end of the schroefas. In this case, the combinations are more flexible, depending on what the setting is.

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