Highly elastic homokinetic drive shaft for connecting the gearbox and propeller shaft. For applications with large angular deviations.

Torque transmission via a double cardanic drive shaft with a CV joint on one side and a highly elastic rubber element on the other. Dissipation of the propeller thrust via a self-aligning thrust bearing on the hull. Specially designed to reduce noise and vibration. Dampens torsional vibrations and shocks, interrupts structure-borne noise and tolerates (homokinetic) angular deviations of up to 8 or 3 degrees. Also offers a high level of electrical insulation.

Mounts via a clamping hub with minimal effort. Delivered with integrated anti-rotation device and in largely ready-to-install condition.


  • Between engine and transmission
  • Between gearbox and propeller shaft
  • Between water jet
  • Between Z-drive etc.


Is mounted between gearbox and propeller shaft, whereby the thrust of the propeller is absorbed in the thrust bearing.
Depending on the size and speed of the CENTAFLEX-ACV, an angle between the output shaft/flange of the gear unit and the propeller shaft of up to approx. 6 degrees may be allowed.

The elastic motor mounts under the motor/gearbox combination do not have to absorb any axial pressure force.

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