The CENTAFLEX-A forms the basis of the entire CENTA elastic coupling program. The design dates back to 1970 and is still leading worldwide. The applications are endless. The CF-A coupling is characterized by high elasticity in axial, radial and angular directions. Moreover, it is maintenance-free and has an unimaginable amount of installation variants; in single form, or double gimbal acting. The CENTAFLEX-A is suitable for almost any connection between floating and driven implements.


Antrieb von angeflanschten, d.h. gut fluchtenden, Hydraulikpumpen an Dieselmotoren – insbesondere mit verschleißfreier CENTALOC-Klemmnabe; die ideale und weitverbreitete, zuverlässige Kupplung für hydrostatische Baumaschinen-Antriebe.


  • Simple, compact design.
  • Low weight, low mass moment of inertia.
  • High performance.
  • High rev range.
  • Large shaft bores possible.
  • Available with anti-rotation protection.
  • Large permissible twist angle with progressive spring characteristic.
  • About 4 to 6 degrees at rated torque.
  • High elasticity and flexibility in radial, axial and angular directions with low reaction forces on shafts and bearings.
  • Shock and vibration absorbing.
  • The torque transmission takes place absolutely free of play, with contact noise being insulated. Also electrically there is no conduction.
  • The CENTAFLEX-A is maintenance-free. The rubber parts do not wear out, which guarantees a long life.
  • The clutch does not lose any rubber dust particles during operation.
  • The rubber element can be easily disassembled and mounted without special tools.
  • The rubber elements are available in different hardnesses and materials, in order to obtain the most suitable element for each system from a torsion point of view.
  • The coupling can be easily aligned.
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