The CENTADISC is derived from the patented membrane design of the CENTAX series M, and is suitable for all possible forms of compensation for misalignment. The intermediate shaft can be made of steel or lightweight composite (carbon fibre) in lengths up to 12 meters. Any desired shaft length can be achieved using additional bearings and diaphragms.


  • ship drives; especially between gearbox and water-jet for fast ships
  • pump drives
  • cooling towers
  • printing machines
  • paper mills
  • general mechanical engineering


  • High axial and angular flexibility. The tandem diaphragm system is radially rigid. However, due to the cardan action of this system, the intermediate shaft is radially elastic because all radial alignment differences are converted into an angular alignment difference.
  • The total allowable radial displacement depends on the length between the diaphragms and the admissible angular alignment difference per diaphragm set.
  • Compensation of relatively large alignment differences, displacements and misalignments with low reaction forces.
  • Compact economic design, light weight, low inertia, high balancing accuracy and temperature resistant.
  • Insensitive to wear and maintenance free.
  • Easy assembly. All components can be easily assembled and disassembled without moving the connected components.
  • All components are securely connected to each other based on frictional torque transmission. The connecting pieces are radially secured, so they cannot take on a life of their own in the event of a possible diaphragm failure.
  • A spin protection is available as an option.
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