Numerous CENTA carbon fiber drive shafts up to 23,000kW have been successfully installed over the years. In the range up to 40 kNm, however, there is a great demand for lightweight drive shafts.

CENTA has developed the CENTADISC-C drive shaft especially for this range. These intermediate shafts are made of composite (glass or carbon fiber) which are connected at the ends with torsionally rigid, but axial and angular flexible plastic elements. This creates maximum flexibility for large spans despite the (torsional) stiffness of the shafts.

For more than 6 years, CENTA has achieved groundbreaking results by using custom-made torsion-elastic composite drive shafts. Based on its broad knowledge and proven experience, CENTA can now also supply a complete series of standardized drive shafts for electric motors.


Application areas can be found in the increasingly emerging electrically powered propulsion installations and other drives, including the offshore industry.

  • between engine and transmission
  • or water jet (in combination with a torsion-resistant coupling)
  • and between the gearbox and the water jet
  • cooling tower drives
  • water pumps


  • High rotational speeds, with no intermediate bearings required.
  • Large spans possible with lengths of up to approximately six meters.
  • Low weight due to the use of composite combined with plastic elements. If possible, no steel parts used.
  • Maintenance and corrosion free.
  • Simple (dis)assembly.
    Exact alignment of the shafts is not necessary due to the great flexibility of the intermediate shaft.
  • Long lifespan.
  • Shape-retaining due to the materials used, even with temperature changes.
  • Approved by various class societies.
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