Versatile clutch with flange bearing. For short switching operations and effective protection against mechanical loads.

Combination of torsionally flexible coupling and electromagnetic clutch, mounted in a flange bearing housing. Extremely robust and reliably stored construction. Allows the output unit to be switched on and off under load and protects the connected shafts and bearings from harmful reaction forces. Effectively ventilated, with high reliable power dissipation. Compared to conventional hydraulically actuated clutches, it convinces with an extremely economical design and a short installation length.

To be operated with on-board voltage. Delivered pre-assembled with flywheel connections according to SAE.

Materiaal: depending on the coupling used

Temperature: depending on the coupling used



  • ship propulsion
  • pump sets
  • generator sets
  • bow thruster installations
  • rudder propeller installations etc.


  • A combination of the progressive CENTAFLEX-R torsion clutch, a dry electromagnetic clutch and a bearing housing.
  • Short installation length.
  • Specially developed temperature resistant elastomer for high damping, suitable for ambient temperatures above 100°C.
  • Special oil resistant ‘HD’ rubber rollers are available.
  • Proven design and approved by various class societies.
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